Money Module For Children

Money Module For Children


As an organization, we feel that it is our responsibility to create awareness about financial well being. We thought that the best way to initiate this process is to start with the Future Generations of the society - our Kids! In order to address the kids we have created modules of various levels which cover aspects of money relevant to the child's age. We have initiated this by coordinating with the schools. The response that we have got is very encouraging.

However, we strongly feel that parents play a vital role in educating the importance of money and financial wellness so we seek your help in this journey. We encourage you to actively participate in this program by spending sometime with your kid to assess what he/she has learnt through us. And in order to gain momentum in the process here are some guidelines and tips that we feel will create a foundation to financial prudence.

Money Module Presentation
Whimsical Spending
  • Parents often blame their kids of assuming that money grows on trees. Kids cannot be blamed for these misconceptions about where money comes from.
  • For example, they think we can gain access to unlimited quantities of cash when they see us use ATM machines.
  • Few of them see very little of cash, since most parents whip out the plastic (Credit Card) for everything. Credit Card also known as the plastic money has come to replace paper money with most.
  • Hence the significance of paper money seems to be diminishing.
  • School may be the best place for kids to learn about value of money, but you as a responsible parent probably are still the best source for building up the sense for "Financial Responsibility".
  • During this period, if you see something else you want, add it to the card.
  • It's up to parents to ensure their kids have the financial management skills which they'll need to face the responsibilities of adulthood.
  • The benefit of teaching children good money habits is always worth the effort.
  • Children who are taught lessons on money enjoy the consequences for a lifetime.
  • Some parents don't teach children about money because they think they shouldn't talk about money with children, some don't have the time, or think they don't have enough money.
  • Parents should take the time to teach children about money regardless of income and should ideally start when children are young.
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