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I am years old and I want to invest Rs. for a time horizon of years.

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We will ask you a set of questions to get to know you!

  • 1. What percentage of your monthly income (after paying home loan EMIs and credit card bills) do you save after and invest for the long term.
  • 2. What is your attitude towards savings?
  • 3. Have you invested in equity mutual funds before? If yes, for how many years?
  • 4. To get above average (more than FD) returns you have to take risks
  • 5. How will you describe your attitude towards investing
  • 6. If your equity investment makes 20% losses next year will you:-
  • 7. Are you interested in market and investing
  • 8. How do you approach making financial or investment decisions

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Projected Returns of our recommended portfolio for you

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Projections are based on historical returns, therefore, actual returns may vary subject to market risks and cannot be guaranteed.

All projections are annual, compounded annually. Your investment till - Rs. . Expected Corpus in - Rs.

Historical Returns

Historical Returns of our recommended portfolio for you

Historical growth of Rs. Lump Sum in the last 10 years.


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